keep calm

keep calm

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The youtube comments:

- “they flirt without saying a word”

- “my most favourite scene ever”

- “soo cute there flirting with no words!!”

- “I love his “ask me, ask me, aaaaaaask meeee~~” face :D”

- “Love how he walks away then turns back to her, still with that gleeful smile”

- “Two words: eye sex.”

- “Wow, that was like…20 whole second of eyesex right there.”

// Why always people want fictional characters to be together?//

For example, I want Jane and Lisbon to be together, but why?

And I’m not talking only about the Jisbon thing. There are many couples in TV that people want them to be involved in a relationship: House, Castle, Bones, etc. That feeling never happens to me with real people, friends of mine I mean. Why I care about Jisbon? If I actually met Patrick I probably didn’t want him to be involved with Lisbon.

What I would really want is him to be involved with…. me!! muahahaha


// Lisbon: Patrick, my sweet//

Lisbon: Patrick, my sweet,


I’m going to carry my gun. 


Just for Lorelei


Just to shoot her


And see her die


Any objections?


Patrick: No, Teresa, my sweet.

And remember, I’ll always be with you.


Happy ending


Fans: Oh yeaaah


Patrick: so…

celebration sex?


In my mind, this is exactly what happens when Lisbon and Lorelei meet again. (Lorelei is the one on the floor, of course)

oh yeah

// Please Lisbon, next time you see Lorelei… do this//


Bitch, you must die

Must die…


"Good girl Lisbon, good girl"

// Jisbon. They will become secret lovers.//

Patrick and Teresa will become secret lovers. If not, if the department knows they are in a relationship, they won’t be able to work together, the department will separate them.

And we don’t want that. But you already know it, isn’t it Bruno Heller?

So they have to be secret lovers. Oh yeaaaah


Jane: That’s a good idea, isn’t it Teresa?

Lisbon: Oh yes

This is what Patrick will do if Lorelei touches him.
Oh yeah

That’s my boy

This is what Patrick will do if Lorelei touches him.

Oh yeah


That’s my boy

I’m still home, will you take me drunk?
Patrick Jane

What are you waiting for, Patrick?

// Jane and Lisbon, they are very intelligent people//

Lisbon knows that Patrick likes her. She’s a smart girl, and also knows how to keep up appearances ;).

She is very intelligent. He also. Their first kiss cannot be the typical pasionate kiss that ordinary people have. I hope Bruno doesn’t disappoint us.

Just image that instead of Meredith and Derek, they were Lisbon and Jane.

It would be a very cute scene.

So soft, so tender, so loving.

I’m the only one who would love  to see something like this between Patrick and Teresa?

// Jisbon. When they first kiss… they will be smiling.//

Jane and Lisbon…

When they first kiss… they will be smiling. And it will be so natural, like if they did that hundreds of times before.

That first kiss will be so natural, I’m sure. So comfortable.

They will be smiling. I can’t imagine patrick and teresa being serious and pasionate together. They will be smiling and getting fun. Because like this will be their relation. When they will be together they will always be smiling each other like teenagers.

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